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  • Site Inspections
    • Corporate Meetings and Events
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Janet R. Pickover, CMP

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Site Inspections Plus is a service offered by JR Associates, a fee for service company.



Properly prepared and executed site inspections are crucial in selecting the facilities that meet the needs and objectives of your meeting.

Site Inspections Plus- a service offered by JR Associates, with over 25 years in the profession, has established a process that ensures you the most professional and comprehensive site inspection.

Site Inspections Plus knows the right questions to ask and of whom and what not to overlook during a site inspection. We stay on top of current situations and trends in the industry that effect your site selection.

A thorough site comparison report is developed for each client based on the criteria of the meeting. You, the client will make the final decision about which site works for your meeting and/or event.

With your time at such a premium, partnering with Site Inspections Plus to prepare and execute your site inspection is the smart thing to do. Take the first step to participate in this service. Please email Janet R. Pickover, CMP for further information and get a site inspection the way you want it done.